this is why we're here.

Live abundantly, create a lifestyle by design,
contribute insanely and live optimally.

my commitment to you.

The Human Affect. has made a pledge – to raise humanity’s standards and optimise human potential. Through creating the learning conditions for excellence, the human affect will serve humanity to fulfil its vision of leading, inspiring and empowering 1 million people to collectively raise humanities standards, optimise human potential and provision choice, option, opportunity and freedom for all.

The human affect serves to empower with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, clarity, direction and courage to live free of restraint and undertake a life model which involves abundance and contribution in all forms.

It starts with a choice, to live now, connect with society, contribute to humanity, affect the greatest version of you, live freely, create abundance, change lives, and know that you have made the difference…

"How you do one thing, is how you do everything."

Rob Parry

Founder – The Human Affect.
Lecturer + Speaker
Freedom Thinker

For me, The Human Affect is really a story about my life, my birth purpose to change and affect lives, empowering others, and leading others to a place of abundance, balance, and happiness. It’s a journey that involves my burning desire to add value to people, change lives, raise humanities standards and optimise human potential.

This journey has taught me a lot about myself, of which is reflected in the amount of lives we are changing, and the results that are being expeeinced on a daily basis. Its about coming from a place of abundance, about loving and leading, its about letting go of fear, connecting, contributing, its about stepping up and making your life count, its about being grateful, open, its about creating an ecosystem for all to enter, thrive in, enjoy and grow together.

Finally, I learnt that I am the answer, the one who can affect change, I just needed to think, commit, take action and stay consistent. Ive learnt that each individual person can make a difference, change lives, add value to humanity, and collectively, we can make a difference.

Now, I’m privileged to be able to teach and create that awakening for people around the world – focusing on optimising human potential and creating the conditions for excellence.

Welcome to The Human Affect.

“when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

(the Buddha)

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