Awaken – Module 1 ‘Identity’

Awaken – Module 1 ‘Identity’

Awaken – Module 1 ‘Identity’

Awaken – Module 1 ‘Identity’

Module 1 – Identity


Who am I?
Get in an empowered state, sit quietly, reflect, and ask yourself the question ‘who am I’.

To assist in this process, remeber your identity is what separates you from the rest, your uniqueness.

Dictionary Definition
Write down a dictionary definition of who you are, it can be words, a paragraph or pages. People when they search for you in the dictionary, would have the ability to read who you are once you define it. Reflect on your own dictionary identity definition.

ID Card
If you created your very own ID card, what would be on it? A picture of you, attributes, characteristics, beliefs, physical characteristics, affiliations, emotions, metaphors, goals, capabilities? Reflect now on creating your ID card and what it would look like and include. Reflect on what you would not include also, those things who you believe are maybe important, but does not form who you are as a person.

Reflects now on who you are as identified through your dictionary definition and your ID card.

If at the end of the exercises you think you are more, and are not completely satisfied with who you are, then simply, become who you want.

Start by writing a list of those aspects of an identity that you want to have. The power in this is deciding right now, who you want to be. Think of those people you truly admire and the attributes and characteristics that you want to model, simply now add that in to your description of your identity, and choose to become this person.

Share your story with the world, document it, and also post it in the FB Group.

Congrats on your awakening, you have grown, evolved, become wiser, abundant, you radiate love, success, balance and empowerment. Congratulations on your awakening, humanity accepts you and is awaiting for you to unleash and change the world…