Awaken – Module 3 ‘Values’

Awaken – Module 3 ‘Values’

Awaken – Module 3 ‘Values’

Module 3 – ‘Values

Values guide our decisions in everyday life. Therefore the set of values we uphold, impacts on the decisions we make and the quality of our lives.

Module 3 – Values


Current Values:

Answer this one basic question – in my life what is most important to me? Take this time to reflect and document those values most important to you, then rank them in order, 1 being most important.

Now that you have identified you primary values, reflect on those values that no longer serve their purpose, or, in which are not empowering you and your life. Reflect and document those values you need to let go of in order to become your best version and live your most abundant life.

Extra resources and explanations:

Values are important for us to upkeep but also important in whom we choose to deal with and spend our time with.  Ensure that when you are building your own business or looking at working for a particular organisation or team that they too uphold and enforce positive and good values.