Awaken – Module 7 ‘Your Story’

Awaken – Module 7 ‘Your Story’

Awaken – Module 7 ‘Your Story’


Your purpose is your power, your story is what you live within, the creation of a magical, inspiring and connected life. If you can live to learn from this place, you will want for nothing, pain, sadness, fear will disappear forever and be transmute into a passionate, fulfilling life.  Storytelling from a place of love and abundance is what draws a crowd, its what will change your life and millions of others, you will be served and learn to serve.

In only a brief time you have recreated yourself, created your own awakening. Your story is written based off your best version, and your abundant future.


Take the time now to write your story.  Be sure to detail everything that you have created and uncovered. Your dreams, discoveries, your value sets and belief systems, the change endured.  Document your purpose, the areas most important to you in life, those standards that you have se tin which you will not deviate from. Describe the person you have become, and power you have created within yourself. Your old story has been replaced with this story, keep this story close, read it often, display it always, and love it with each breath.

Share your story with the world, document it, and also post it in the FB Group.

Congrats on your awakening, you have grown, evolved, become wise, abundant, you radiate love, success, balance and empowerment. Congratulations on your awakening, humanity accepts you and is awaiting for you to unleash and change the world…