Awaken – Module 8 ‘Beliefs’

Awaken – Module 8 ‘Beliefs’

Awaken – Module 8 ‘Beliefs’

Module 8 ‘Beliefs’

Module 8 – Beliefs


Reflect on your current beliefs, both those that serve to empower you, and those that hold you back.

Write a list of your Empowering Beliefs:

Write a list of your Dis-empowering Beliefs:

Focus on your empowering beliefs and highlight those in which are most needed and required for your ultimate growth. Ask yourself, how do these beliefs empower you, provide you with the most growth, challenge you the most and serve to allow you to become your best version.

Now focus on your disempowering beliefs and the consequences and pain that holding onto these beliefs causes us. Focus on three of your biggest disempowering beliefs and decide right now that these beliefs have cause too much pain in your life, and you will no longer accept them in your life. Question the validity of these beliefs by asking yourself these primary questions:

  • Why is this belief so crazy and ridiculous?
  • Who was I when I first adopted this belief – and am I a different person now?
  • Did I learn and adopt this belief of a person who is a lead authority or expert in that particular area?
  • What will my future involve if I continue to hold onto this belief?
  • Who else does my belief impact?
  • Am I worthy of better beliefs?Now that you have realised that these beliefs were founded on nothing, give you nothing, and have no credibility or validity, replace them with a new set of beliefs that will empower you and allow you to become your best version.

    For example, if you had a belief that, “I will never be rich,”, you could change that to as long as I lead with love and abundance I will receive all the wealth and abundance needed”.

    Once you have replaced your disempowering beliefs with empowering beliefs post them into the FB Group and then conduct a FB live sharing the old beliefs you held onto and your new replacement beliefs. Comment why you held onto the old beliefs for so long and how your life will change under your new belief systems.