Find Your Way Back – Navigate Your True North

Find Your Way Back – Navigate Your True North

Find Your Way Back – Navigate Your True North

Navigate Your True North – Questions

Exercise One – Current Eulogy

Exercise Two – Future Eulogy


Exercise – Eulogy Today

Exercise – Future Eulogy

Navigate Your True North Exercise


Navigate Your True North


By the end of this learning, there are no doubt many thoughts racing through your mind.

By now – you will understand how much you may have strayed from your true course. Remember, do not feel ill of this – just chose right now what you can do to start to navigate back towards your true north.

Question the thoughts in which solicit your strongest emotional responses and moderate your behaviour as a way to manage self. Once you have documented this system of living, you need to commit to this path no matter what, this is where the success and abundance will be generated from.

As you progress through the learnings and teachings in the Human Blueprint Program, you will gain further insight into who you really are, what is influencing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and you will gain an insight into how to change aspects of your life to ensure that you can enable your own transformation.

The human affect remains by your side to support your growth, your journey of transformation ensuring you become your greatest infinite self and live an inspiring life.