Human Blueprint – Primal Inclination Strategy

Human Blueprint – Primal Inclination Strategy

Human Blueprint – Primal Inclination Strategy

Discover the 6 ‘secrets’ you need to learn and live by to create your greatest infinite self and to live your best life.


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By the end of this learning, there are no doubt may thoughts racing through your
Of note, it is important to take note of the lines, verses, quotes, questions or your
answers to the questions, that evoke or spark a reaction, both positively or
negatively. Write these down, and then ask yourself, why did I elicit this emotional
response? Typically, it will be frustration, or anger as what is highlighted within these
learnings you have suffered from in the past, and are still suffering today, or, you
may be proud of yourself for crushing your fears, challenging the status quo and
living your life in accordance with what is important and inspiring to you.
When inspiration makes its presence known, we must pay attention if our
priority is to be who or what we were meant to be.
William Shakespeare’s famous query, to be or not to be: symbolizes the urgent
choices that we have to make – that is, do we become what we came here to be, or
do we ignore that calling? Suffering the consequences of living according to
someone else’s wishes doesn’t make any sense; rather, we need to oppose the
external opinions that try to force us to be what we’re not intended to be.
As you progress through the learnings and teachings in the Human Blueprint
Program, you will gain further insight into who you really are, what is influencing your
thoughts, emotions and behaviours and you will gain an insight into how to change
aspects of your life to ensure that you can enable your own transformation.
The human affect remains by your side to support your growth, your journey of
transformation ensuring you become your greatest infinite self and live an inspiring