Pillar 1 – ‘Awaken’

Pillar 1 – ‘Awaken’

Pillar 1 – ‘Awaken’

Pillar 1 – ‘Awaken’

We all have dreams, those thoughts and reflections that seemingly become more dreary, distant and unforgiving the longer we spend on earth.

We previously thought, and few still believe that we are unique, gifted, incredibly special and who can change the course of the future and help empower the growth of humanity. We all once did, or still believe that we are worthy of love, worthy of abundance, worth of the ultimate life. You think you have a gift, a talent, one in which you change lives with, yet, your distant, frustrated, stuck and this dream of living the most incredible of lives has become lost amidst the daily struggles, you have lost your belief, all you know is doubt, fear, uncertainty and restriction..

Your stuck, frustrated, a victim existing in a system that is breading mediocrity, manifesting cruelness, breeding illness, creating stress, causing hardship, and crushing dreams.

The goals and dreams that we once set and believed we could conquer are a distant memory. For many, we no longer strive to dream, or to set goals as we know that this expectation of achieving success and our intended destination is unrealistic. Many of you have lost that winning edge, the confidence to plan, strategise and then execute that plan all the way to success.

My mission is to reintroduce you to yourself, to introduce you to that person who once dreamed endlessly, the person who set audacious goals and who once believed they were their own answer.

The truth of it, is, everything you need is within you now, you just need to believe it. It starts with love, loving yourself, believing that you are your own answer, and leading with love and abundance. Be grateful for you, be grateful for now and the fear will go away.

You are destined for greatness, whether that involve business, coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, being a mother, a father, a friend, a partner, a lover. You are unique, and you are the 1% who committed to themselves. You have taken action, stepped up to craft your best version, and create an abundant life. You are learning, committing, contributing, willing to learn, teach and affect positive change.

Your path is in the openness of your hands. Right now you have the ability to regain control, experience option, choice, live free and dance with opportunity.

Challenge everything you have ever known, develop new empowering beliefs, raise your standards, language with conviction, act with purpose, live your passion, contribute beyond measure, choose wisely, act with certainty and follow that path until you reach your final destination.  When you finally reach your true north, you will know, breathe, feel and truly understand that your future, your life and your embodiment can traverse anywhere you choose it too within this world…

Welcome to the first pillar, one in which is going to answer some of your deepest questions, concerns and unleash the real you…

First education video for you guys!! make sure you grab a pen and paper.

1 in 4,000,000,000…. how amazing are you?

First Challenge

You guessed it! Everyone tomorrow morning will have to set their alarms 30mins before their normal waking hour.  If you do not have to get up at a certain time tomorrow 0700 will be your alarm clock.  FORCE every bit of you to actively leave the warmth of your cosy bed.  There is no rule as to what you need to do in the 30mins you have just gained however we suggest if be something that benefits you, exercise, a delicious breakfast, meditation, or an early phone call or chat with a person you love.  I would like you all to post your experiences on the Facebook page, how it felt, what benefits you gained, how hard was it?

A little help for you to get you on your way and to stop the procrastination!!