Rebellion – Redefining Your Future

Rebellion – Redefining Your Future

Rebellion – Redefining Your Future

There are many reasons for the current state of your life.  One of the main contributing factors int he tyranny of rules – reules that suggest and dictate how life ‘should’ be played out, and how those within these rules ‘should’ behave and live.  We submit to these rules that everyone obeys.  You will create your very own rebelllion where you go against the mediocre rules, the rules that are built around everyone being sheep and following.   You will lead, be fearless, create your own rules and system for living.


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By the end of this learning, there are no doubt many rules and aspects of your life
that you are questioning.

Do not concern yourself with where they came from, or why they exist, but rather
ask yourself the question “do they allow me to be”, and if they do not, then remove
them from your life immediately.

Choose to focus your time, energy and attention towards those areas in which truly
inspire you, that will provide you with what you need, want and require to live an
abundant life and that serve you in becoming your greatest infinite self.
Be patient, enjoy your journey of self-exploration and discovery and embark on this
new venture with commitment, conviction, excitement and courage. If you do this –
the universe will provide you will all the opportunity, signs and experiences you need
to create your own rebellion and transformation.

As you progress through the learnings and teachings in the Human Blueprint
Program, you will gain further insight into who you really are, what is influencing your
thoughts, emotions and behaviours and you will gain an insight into how to change
aspects of your life to ensure that you can enable your own transformation.
The human affect remains by your side to support your growth, your journey of
transformation ensuring you become your greatest infinite self and live an inspiring